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Current Projects - Work-In-Progress

East Finchley

A sloping plot in East Finchley is being transformed into a series of planted terraces on one side and a meandering river on the other...

St. John’s Wood
(work in progress)

The client presented CITYSCAPERS with a challenge: could we screen off a huge 7 storey mansion block at the end of their garden? Watch how we fare over coming months as we design, build and plant out this unusual London period property...

Goring Heath
(design stage)

Grass hedges and rivers of lavender, some of the ideas being developed for a beautiful plot in the Oxfordshire countryside...

Mill Hill
(design stage)

An exciting contemporary architectural project in Mill Hill by Coupdeville Architects set within a pristine slice of historic British countryside...

Recent Completed Projects

Notting Hill

A raised deck walkway slanting through tree ferns and sub-tropical planting...

Parsons Green

London is a cosmopolitan city and the clients, originally from Italy and Portugal, wanted a garden that subtly reflected their Continental ancestry whilst remaining assiduously minimalist in layout and detail...

Coca Cola

CITYSCAPERS designed this award- winning roof garden for Coca Cola’s European HQ in Wimpole Street W1...


CITYSCAPERS created a curvaceous country garden in west London packed with pretty perennials for this contemporary glass box extension by Coupdeville Architects...

Gospel Oak

A simple, understated composition of wood, slate and juicy green foliage for this contemporary renovation by Coupdeville Architects on the outskirts of Hampstead...


For this high end Kensington renovation CITYSCAPERS were charged with creating a series of small, minimalist low maintenance gardens below ground level...

Sea Containers House (2012)

To commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, CITYSCAPERS were commissioned by DN&Co to design a roof garden atop one of London’s riverside landmarks...

Kensal Green

An exercise in perspective, simplicity and repetition….

Current Projects

East Finchley, London (landscaping in progress)

Fluid forms garden design

Sloping plots provide a wealth of design options. It is a popular misconception that flat is good.

In this case we are cutting a meandering river into the sloping lawn on one side and a series of shallow terraces into the path and flower beds on the other side. The lawn slopes, the path and planting rise in steps and water flows. Planting is in drifts of grasses, flowers and shrubs laid out in fluid forms

A common theme in our design approach is to sculpt the land to create interesting initial 3D shapes, add architectural features and trees, then imagine how water would flow through that landscape. The resulting forms - fluid, meandering - are then used to structure the soft landscaping.

St John’s Wood, London (landscaping in progress)

Anamorphic garden design

Anamorphic design is where elements are drawn or arranged to align when viewed from a certain angle.

In garden design we use it when we need to screen off neighbouring eyesores.

This prestigious redevelopment in St John’s Wood backs onto a 7 storey mansion block so there’s a lot to screen off. Our design deploys pleached trees, architectural shrubs and strategically positioned cedar pergolas to create pockets of complete privacy throughout the garden.

Most importantly, the primary view from the house is the primary anamorphic viewpoint. From this perspective, all the elements align to offer a remarkable degree of privacy.

Goring Heath, Oxfordshire (design stage)

Pools of lavender

A modern glass box pool house in the Chiltern Hills is the setting for the latest CITYSCAPERS design.

We’re going to make some subtle level changes and then plant them emphatically to create the impression of a strongly contoured landscape.

Tall grasses structure the garden acting like a softly textured hedge. Japanese cherry trees and multi-stem Amelanchier add rhythm. Through this landscape run drifts of feather grasses and a spiralling patchwork of herbaceous flowers.

Beginning in spring with Tulips, Irises and Foxtail Lilies these flower swirls will erupt in a vivid sucession of colours and scents. Graded by height as well as colour, plants and grasses start small near paths and buildings and step up in stages to form a terraced topography. These hills of planting allude to the hills surrounding the plot and create a very organic sense of spatial organisation.

Completed Projects

Notting Hill, London (2015)


Completed just before Christmas ...

CITYSCAPERS created a tropical theme for this unusually large plot in Notting Hill with huge London Plane trees providing cover and dappled sunlight. Beneath this canopy we're planting a lush jungle of tropical and exotic plants, palms, gingers, tree ferns & giant himalayan lilies.

An angular floating deck walkway snakes its way through it towards a contemporary garden studio in the far corner.

The lawn, with its wavy edges, suggests the sea or a lagoon and an island of planting in the lawn - with lush grasses and African lilies topped with a palm tree - reinforces this surf’n’turf theme.

Architect: Pravin Muthiah @ Coupdeville Architects

Parsons Green, London (2014)

Mediterranean minimalism

The clients, originally from Italy and Portugal, wanted a garden that subtly reflected their Continental ancestry whilst remaining assiduously minimalist in layout and detail.

Materials are limited to three key elements: white walls, wood and stone.

Planting is similarly restrained with bamboos providing screening and vertical accents,
Buxus cubes echo the rectilinear architecture in topiary form. A multi-headed Cordyline australis adds a tropical note.

The use of whitewashed rendered walls lends the garden a Mediterranean feel but the design owes much to East Asian aesthetics: an attempt to use restraint and simplicity of form to express balance and induce a calm, contemplative mood. This is most apparent during the day when the formal relationship between materials and shapes lend it an almost Zen-like air.

At night, bathed in warm yellow light, the garden reveals its latin side with striking light and shadow play creating an invigorating space to socialise al fresco.

Coca Cola Headquarters, London (2014)

Edible architecture

CITYSCAPERS were commissioned by Coca Cola to design the roof garden for their new corporate HQ in central London. We were given creative carte blanche.

Our proposal was to install a mini-ecosystem - to make the roof garden edible. And to make it genuinely productive: supply vegetables and even organic fresh fish to the canteen. The design features an interlocking series of waterways, rills, pools, even a river containing edible fish.

Our grand plans were scaled back significantly but the roof garden still went on to win a BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries) National Landscape Award - Principal Winner for Green Roof Installations & Roof Gardens 2014.

Architects: MoreySmith

Chiswick, London (2013)

Glass box garden

Coupdeville Architects designed a striking glazed cube extension to a family house in Chiswick.

The clients, hailing from Scotland and Yorkshire, held cherished childhood memories of the countryside,

CITYSCAPERS responded with a romantic, curvaceous scheme packed with colour and scent.

Stepping stone paths lead through an apple orchard to a secret sun deck nestled among Echinacea and Rudbeckia flowers.

Gospel Oak, LONDON (2013)

Grids of wood, slate and greenery

The layout of the rear garden is based upon a grid of interlocking bamboo and Buxus sempervirens. These green squares bracket or enclose seating and planting areas, visually subdividing the space and providing a sense of enclosure and underlying structure.

The feeling of being enclosed and enveloped in lush planting is innately relaxing.

Cedar slatted fencing around the boundaries establishes a horizontal rhythm against which the upright canes of the bamboo are foregrounded. Ferns and Alchemilla mollis soften the edge of the slate path and raised deck seating area. The spiky crowns of Cordyline australis provide architectural contrast, their elegant multi-stem form expressed in silhouette at night against the lit cedar panels.

The palette of colours focusses on the satisfying contrast of slate grey, leathery-brown wood and juicy green foliage with seasonal accents supplied by Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ and Amelanchier lemarkii.

Kensington, London (2013)


For this high-end Kensington renovation CITYSCAPERS were charged with creating a series of small, minimalist low maintenance gardens below ground level.

White rendered walls channel light, slate adds texture and wood adds warmth.
A simple green palette of bamboo, ferns and jasmine complete the scheme.

Ceramics by Atelier Vierkant.

Architect: Pravin Muthiah @ Coupdeville Architects

Sea Containers House, London (2012)

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Garden

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, CITYSCAPERS were invited to design a jubilee roof garden on top of a London riverside landmark.

On the day of the celebrations, the Queen passed Sea Containers House with a flotilla of boats in a pageant on the River Thames. The building was draped in a huge photograph of the Royal Family for the event.

We divised a planting scheme that would peak in June, exactly in time for the jubilee. Soft feather grasses, lavender and balls of purple blue Allium alongside ball-pruned buxus in ceramic pots.

Chairs by Harry Bertoia.

Ceramics by Atelier Vierkant.

Architects: DN&Co

Kensal Green, London (2012)

Gravel gardens

An exercise in perspective, simplicity and repetition.

Ideas don’t need to be complex.
Less is more, particularly in small spaces.

Influenced by tsubo-niwa, tiny Japanese courtyard gardens, this scheme employs gravel, a repeating series of stone steps and bamboo.

In the middle distance, a second planted area includes bamboo and Japanese maple and a small lawn laid in a grid format

Architect: Pravin Muthiah @ Coupdeville Architects